Broken Packages

There are several packages that haven't been ported to MacAthena for one reason or another. This page contains packages that we've tried to port and (at least temporarily) given up on. If a package isn't listed here, it probably means we haven't tried yet; you should ask us to.

Blocking on Zephyr

Many components of Athena depend on Zephyr as a means to notify the user. However, Zephyr relies on Kerberos v4, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard removed Kerberos 4 support, and the MacAthena developers primarily use Leopard. We will probably attempt to port these programs as Tiger-only packages sometime soon. If a package is particularly high priority to you, you should file a ticket as such.

  • finger
  • get-message
  • lert
  • quota - quota also depends on liblocker, which we're not using
  • zephyr-clients

Blocking on Cyrus::IMAP

The various utilities that interface to the MIT IMAP mail servers have also not been ported. This is because the MIT mail servers are currently also running Kerberos v4.

  • from
  • mailquota
  • mailusage
  • mitmailappend
  • mitmailcreate
  • mitmaildel
  • mitmailexp
  • mitmailmove
  • mitmailrename
  • mitmailscan
  • mitmailshow
  • mitmailutils

Blocking on Other Problems

xcluster (which contains the cview program) has some issues with X fonts that haven't been solved yet.