Welcome to MacAthena

The MacAthena project is working to bring the functionality of the Athena system to your Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, or Lion machine.

MacAthena is a project of SIPB. If you have questions or comments, please contact the MacAthena maintainers

Installing MacAthena

The instructions to install MacAthena are on a separate page


Eventually, the MacAthena project would like to offer:

  • Full command-line compatibility with Linux Athena
  • Cocoa applications to provide easy-to-use interfaces to common Athena tasks
  • A package based system allowing MacAthena users to setup anything from a few utilities to a system with Kerberos-based logins and AFS home directories
  • Support in common lockers, providing MacAthena users with access to the wealth of software available in AFS

What We Have

At this point, we have the following major features:

Available by installing macathena-basic

  • /mit automounter - Access AFS lockers simply accessing paths of the form /mit/locker, eliminating the need to actually attach lockers.
  • add
  • Moira clients, including blanche, stella, and moira

Available by Installing macathena-standard

(Many of these commands are not frequently used, but some locker programs depend on their presence)

  • athinfo
  • delete
  • discuss
  • get-cluster
  • just
  • machtype


Q: Package xyz that I really care about isn't in MacAthena! Why not?

A: Well, it's possible we just haven't tried to port it yet, or maybe we haven't gotten it to work. We keep a list of packages we're having a hard time porting.

Starting Points

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